Working with MediaWiki

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Working with MediaWiki (2012)
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Working with MediaWiki
Data da obra2012
Local de origem da obraEstados Unidos
AssuntoWikis (Ciência da computação)
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Published in November 2012, Working with MediaWiki aims to be the most up-to-date guide to MediaWiki, the world's most popular wiki software. MediaWiki is best known for running Wikipedia, but it's also used by organizations and communities of every type and size, from fans of television shows to major companies storing vital corporate data.

Working with MediaWiki was written by Yaron Koren, a longtime MediaWiki developer, administrator and consultant, and founder of the MediaWiki consulting company WikiWorks. In around 300 pages, and accompanied by dozens of diagrams and examples, the book clarifies how to use MediaWiki effectively, from the basics like wiki syntax to topics like creating data structures, controlling spam and improving search.

Working with MediaWiki places a special emphasis on Semantic MediaWiki, an extension as well as a family of extensions, that transforms MediaWiki into something more like a full-fledged database, with the capability to have forms for users to enter and edit data, as well as all sorts of aggregation of the data, including maps and calendars. The book contains four chapters about Semantic MediaWiki; it is the first-ever book to cover the usage of SMW.
EdiçãoWorking with MediaWiki (2012)
New York | WikiWorks Press |
ResponsabilidadeYaron Koren
Ano de copyright2012
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ISBN978-0-615-72030-2, 0-615-72030-7
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