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SubjectWikis (Ciência da computação)
MediaWiki (Recurso eletrônico)
Text | English
IllustratorRomano, Robert
Borash, Lesley
EditorLoukides, Mike
Illustrative contentilustrado
EditionMediaWiki (2009)
MediaWiki (2009)
Sebastapol, Calif. | O’Reilly Media |
ResponsibilityDaniel J. Barrett
Copyright date2009
Mode of issuancesingle unit
Media typeunmediated
Carrier typevolume
Extent of text358 pages
NoteA capa apresenta o subtítulo "Wikipedia and beyond".
ISBN978-0-596-51979-7, 0-596-51979-6
LCCN2009280526 (Search for this book in the Library of Congress - MarcXML, MODS, DublinCore)
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