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|Has work manifested=
|Has title proper=
|Has other title information=
|Has statement of responsibility relating to title proper=
|Has designation of edition=
|Has statement of responsibility relating to the edition=
|Has place of publication=
|Has publisher's name=
|Has date of publication=
|Has place of distribution=
|Has distributor's name=
|Has date of distribution=
|Has place of manufacture=
|Has manufacturer's name=
|Has date of manufacture=
|Has copyright date=
|Has title proper of series=
|Has statement of responsibility relating to series=
|Has ISSN of series=
|Has numbering within series=
|Has content type=
|Has language of the content=
|Has media type=
|Has carrier type=
|Has file type=
|Has encoding format=
|Has file size=
|Has uniform resource locator=
|Has mode of issuance=
|Has extent=
|Has illustrative content=
|Has dimensions=
|Has note on resource=
|Has summarization of the content=
|Has ISBN=
|Has type of identifier=
|Has DOI=
|Has additional ISBN=
|Has ISSN=
|Has LCCN=
|Has OCLC number=
|Has Open Library identifier=
|Has translator=
|Has illustrator=
|Has editor=
|Has contributor=
|Has Universal Decimal Classification=
|Has Dewey Decimal Classification=
|Has Library of Congress Classification=
|Has author notation=