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Has type Text
Imported from rdau:P60048 (rdau | RDA Vocabularies: Unconstrained)
Source RDA e MARC 338 $aProperty "Source" has a restricted application area and cannot be used as annotation property by a user.
Source (URL)

Os valores permitidos para esta propriedade são:

Audio carriers / suportes de áudio
  • audio cartridge
  • audio cylinder
  • audio disc
  • sound track reel
  • audio roll
  • audiocassette
  • audiotape reel
Computer carriers / suportes de computador
  • computer card
  • computer chip cartridge
  • computer disc
  • computer disc cartridge
  • computer tape cartridge
  • computer tape cassette
  • computer tape reel
  • online resource
Microform carriers / suportes de microforma
  • aperture card
  • microfiche
  • microfiche cassette
  • microfilm cartridge
  • microfilm cassette
  • microfilm reel
  • microfilm roll
  • microfilm slip
  • microopaque
Microscopic carriers / suporte microscópico
  • microscope slide
Projected image carriers / suporte de projeção
  • film cartridge
  • film cassette
  • film reel
  • film roll
  • filmslip
  • filmstrip
  • filmstrip cartridge
  • overhead transparency
  • slide
Stereographic carriers / suporte esteriográfico
  • stereograph card
  • stereograph disc
Unmediated carriers / suportes não midiáticos
  • card
  • flipchart
  • roll
  • sheet
  • volume
  • object
Video carriers / suportes de vídeo
  • video cartridge
  • videocassette
  • videodisc
  • videotape reel
Unspecified carriers / geral
  • other
  • unspecified
    "constraints": {
        "type_constraint": "_txt",
        "allowed_values": [
            "audio cartridge",
            "audio cylinder",
            "audio disc",
            "sound track reel",
            "audio roll",
            "audiotape reel",
            "computer card",
            "computer chip cartridge",
            "computer disc",
            "computer disc cartridge",
            "computer tape cartridge",
            "computer tape cassette",
            "computer tape reel",
            "online resource",
            "aperture card",
            "microfiche cassette",
            "microfilm cartridge",
            "microfilm cassette",
            "microfilm reel",
            "microfilm roll",
            "microfilm slip",
            "microscope slide",
            "film cartridge",
            "film cassette",
            "film reel",
            "film roll",
            "filmstrip cartridge",
            "overhead transparency",
            "stereograph card",
            "stereograph disc",
            "video cartridge",
            "videotape reel",