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Has type Text
Imported from rdau:P60049 (rdau | RDA Vocabularies: Unconstrained)
Source RDA 6.9Property "Source" has a restricted application area and cannot be used as annotation property by a user.
Source (URL)

Os valores permitidos para esta propriedade são:

  • cartographic dataset
  • cartographic image
  • cartographic moving image
  • cartographic tactile image
  • cartographic tactile three-dimensional form
  • cartographic three-dimensional form
  • computer dataset
  • computer program
  • notated movement
  • notated music
  • performed music
  • sounds
  • spoken word
  • still image
  • tactile image
  • tactile notated music
  • tactile notated movement
  • tactile text
  • tactile three-dimensional form
  • text
  • three-dimensional form
  • three-dimensional moving image
  • two-dimensional moving image
  • other
  • unspecified