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Type description
This schema type supports the definition of input forms and characteristics for the extended search profile where it contains instructions on how to generate input fields, define default namespaces, or declare prefix expressions for a search request.
The request is being processed and may take a moment. Preparing ...
{ "type": "SEARCH_FORM_SCHEMA", "descriptions": { "Livros": "Formulário padrão para a busca de livros" }, "default_form": "Livros", "forms": { "Livros": [ { "Has full title": { "autocomplete": true, "placeholder": "Título...", "required": false } }, { "Has creator": { "autocomplete": true, "placeholder": "Autor...", "required": false } }, { "Has subject": { "autocomplete": true, "placeholder": "Assunto...", "required": false } }, { "Has language of the content": { "autocomplete": true, "placeholder": "Idioma...", "required": false } } ] }, "namespaces": { "default_hide": true, "hidden": [ "NS_ACQUISITION", "NS_ACQUISITION_TALK", "NS_CATEGORY", "NS_CATEGORY_TALK", "NS_CIRCULATION", "NS_CIRCULATION_TALK", "NS_CONFIGURATION", "NS_CONFIGURATION_TALK", "NS_FILE", "NS_FILE_TALK", "NS_HELP", "NS_HELP_TALK", "NS_MARC1", "NS_MARC1_TALK", "NS_MARC2", "NS_MARC2_TALK", "NS_MEDIAWIKI", "NS_MEDIAWIKI_TALK", "NS_PROJECT", "NS_PROJECT_TALK", "NS_TALK", "NS_TEMPLATE", "NS_TEMPLATE_TALK", "NS_USER", "NS_USER_TALK", "NS_WORK", "NS_WORK_TALK", "SMW_NS_CONCEPT", "SMW_NS_CONCEPT_TALK", "SMW_NS_PROPERTY", "SMW_NS_PROPERTY_TALK", "SMW_NS_RULE", "SMW_NS_RULE_TALK" ], "preselect": { "Livros": [ "NS_MAIN" ] } }, "tags": [ "search form" ] }